Waghani Marketing’s media services include Web design and development. Video Production, Graphics and Animation, Wireframing/Prototyping. We also offer bespoke solutions to match customer requirements in a cost effective yet efficient manner.

No business can survive without a website these days. We do not make the cheapest websites in town but we create websites which provide value for money to our clients. All our websites are SEO compatible, responsive and multi-platform. Meaning you won’t have to create a separate website for mobile or tablet. We project manage the whole design and development phase with you and only charge you after completing each pre-agreed milestone. We can also charge on an hourly or monthly basis if you require adjustment, upgrade or installation of your already existing website.

A picture speaks a thousand words but we believe a video speaks a million words. Demand for video content has been on the increase since YouTube came into prominence. So why not take advantage of this video revolution. Whether you’re a business, an agency or an individual we can create bespoke videos for you on 2D and 3D with graphics and animation. Think of a promo video for your product or service you would like the whole world to know. We can help you tell your story to the world. If you wish to get a website or an app done, you’ll need to go through the hassle of creating Wireframes/ Prototypes yourself. But with us, even if you don’t hire us for the website production, we can still help you with the wireframes.



Waghani Marketing provides a tailored marketing consultancy service which is designed to deliver improvements in customer acquisition, customer engagement, customer retention and customer satisfaction. We achieve this by focusing on overall marketing strategy and branding of the business. We look at a business’s current and potential performance, to make sure that it has the best practices in place to obtain its strategic objectives.

Our ability to listen to our clients is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our project based fee structure as opposed to hourly rates means that our clients can feel confident that we are providing comprehensive solutions for their business requirements. After an initial free assessment of any new client, we will then provide you with a free proposal on how we can help you.

Running a business requires the skill of being able to juggle numerous crucial activities whilst providing the vision and energy needed to keep your brand staying relevant. We find that establishing the correct branding and strategy with a focus on digital and social media can foster growth within varying economic climates is critical to the maintenance of our client’s business. Once we have developed the right frameworks, we work with our clients to make sure that they are utilised to deliver their objectives.



As this famous saying goes, Innovate or die. In today’s disruptive environment businesses which cannot cope with the pace of change or lack of innovative approach, become obsolete very quickly or lose touch with their customers. Gone are the days when businesses could keep the same approach over the years. Consumerism has changed the very nature of business as a whole, whether you run a shop or are a big financial institution, consumers have more power than ever before. Therefore, you should be prepared for innovation by keeping an eye on ever changing consumer trends. New players in the market are challenging the status quo and market leaders with decades of industrial experience. A good example of innovation could be Tesla, which is a game changer in the Automobile industry.

Many companies these days are adopting the same innovative approach as their smaller innovative challengers by creating separate innovation divisions or teams filled with entrepreneurial spirit, independent from traditional organisational hierarchy. This is the area where we could help you establish a culture of corporate entrepreneurship by either working with your team(s) directly or by sending industry leading Guest Speakers to your organisation covering a range of topics.

If you are a well established business which aims to get closer to the startup community for any economic reason or to align or improve your corporate image. We can offer one of its kind services in town of connecting you with the startup world through creating startup events, forming alliances with key players in the industry. For example, it could be a co-branding opportunity with Google Campus, Startupbootcamp or Microsoft Ventures.

The UK government has been supporting and promoting the startup culture through various initiatives such as Tech City UK and and tax schemes such as SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) and EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme). These schemes, subject to status and eligibility, provide tax relief to qualifying startups and businesses. We help you take advantage of these schemes by either incorporating your business in UK or by making it qualify, for investment, taking care of all the compliance and paperwork through our associates and consultants.

If you are a government body/NGO looking to setup a structure to support or build up an entire startup ecosystem in your country or country of operation, then we can help you achieve that through our trusted team of advisors, associates and consultants. Our team can also help you design and develop Incubator/Accelerator Programs, all at a fraction of cost. We provide you the opportunity to replicate London’s Startup success in your country/country of operation.


Mentorship . Advisory . Fundraising . Total Support Package

If someone said this was the age of Startups we were living in, they won’t be wrong. We are living in really exciting times where the world’s largest transport company (Uber) does not own a single vehicle and World’s largest provider of places to stay (Airbnb) does not even own a single room. This was only made possible due to the rapid advancements in technology and disruptive approach of startup founders. So, if you’re a founder and have a world changing idea but do not know where to start then we have a range of services for you.

It’s pretty difficult to find a mentor who can help you on the way these days. All the leading startup accelerators provide you access to mentors but they take some form of equity or fee from you, except only a few which do not, and only if you are lucky enough to be selected into their programs. We on the other hand, assign you a dedicated Mentor as long as you want in lieu of a nominal monthly fee. Our monthly Mentorship package includes one meeting in-person and four Phone/Skype/Facetime Sessions.

If you already know what you’re doing but only seeking a professional advice to a particular problem then we can still provide you with expert professional advice for every stage of your startup or existing business. We charge you by the hour/minutes. You can ask for professional advice either over the phone or through a one on one session, we’re here to help. Just ask.

Whether you’re an early, intermediate or growth stage startup, funding is the biggest challenge you’ll ever come across. We have a network of associates, angel investors and VCs, which we could utilise to your advantage in order to help you get funding. Furthermore, we can also help you run a crowdfunding campaign for your startup.

We also have a Total Support Package. After assessing your needs, we offer you a complete solution utilising all our resources, network and capabilities.

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